Results – week ending May 20, 2018

Friday, May 18,  2018.

Open Men & Ladies Stableford

WINNER: G. Jansen 40 Pts

RUNNER UP: D. White 37 Pts

DTL’s:  R> Davey 36, R. Dent 36, P. Hobson 34, J. Banfield 34.

BIRDIES :  5th: P. Hobson, 11th: D. White, W. Griggs  13th: G. Doolan, G. Sanders.


Saturday, May 19, 2018.


A GRADE WINNER:  R. Williams 40 Pts

B GRADE WINNER:  A. Watson 41 Pts

DTL’S:  G. Coulter 39, A. Cunningham 39, R. Phoenix 38, C. Hooker 37, T. Davie 36, P. Trickett 36,

  1. Baldry 35 c/b.

NTP’S:  2nd: P. Burghardt  5th: C. Hooker  11th:  A. Cunningham  13th:  G. McCulloch 15th:  R. Barnes



Wednesday,  16th May

1st Round of Neilsen Funerals 4BBB Championships with 24 players

Winners for Wk 1 – Sue Rogers and Anne Outhred c/b with 44 pts

Runners up for Wk 1 – Beth Lansdown and Nola Fordham with 44 pts

Down the line – Aija Owen and Lyn Powell c/b with 41 pts and olive Robinson and Olwyn Balfour with 41 pts

Nearest the pin- on the 5th Kerren Ludlow, 15th Aija Owen



Tuesday 15th May Stroke 22 players 1 comp.

Winner – Duane Baker nett 32 on c/b. R/u Dennis Scambler 32.

DTL Russ Balfour, Kevin Carmody 34, Geoff Pickburn, Charlie Hooker 35.

Par 3 comp – Dennis Scambler, Toby Davie, Franc Kiss.

NTP Akos Kerekes.  Bradmans – Ray Armistead.


Thursday 17th May

Stroke and Putting 56 players.

Ladies Winner Rhonda Mether nett 31. R/up Kerren Ludlow 33.

DTL Aija Owen, Bev Keily, Aileen McNair 36.

NTP Kerren Ludlow. Putting comp – Cheryl Deppeler 15 putts.

Mens Winner Toby Davie 31 nett. R/up Bob Carpenter 32 on c/b.

DTL Jim Donnett 32, Charlie Hooker 33, Russ Balfour, Franc Kiss, Max Taylor, Rob Hardaker 34, Chris Labour 35 c/b.

Par 3 Comp – Toby Davie, John Bayley.

NTP Duane Baker. Putting comp – Chris Labour 12 putts.

Bradmans – Di Larsen & Charlie Street.