Results – W/E 10th November

Tuesday, 5th November


Thank you to all members and friends for attending our Melbourne Cup Day event and lunch. The day was a lot of fun and enjoyed by all, particularly those lucky enough to have drawn # 6 in the sweep.

seniors – stableford

Winner: B. Dunn 22
Runner Up: T. Price 18 c/b
Down the Line: G. Grant 18, J. Versteden 18, C. Hooker 17 pt. c/b
Nearest the Pin: J.Lewis
Bradman Award: R. Barsdell

Wednesday, 6th November

Ladies – stroke and monthly medal

Medal Winner: Betty Burleigh 105-34-71

Runner Up: June Tickell (7)  81-7-74 on a count back
Scratch Winner: June Tickell 81
Putting Winner: June Tickell with 26 putts.
Down the Line: Sue DeVries (32) with 74, Marg Matthews (38) with 76 and Karen MacGregor (18) with 76.
Nearest the Pin: 2nd with her second shot was Karen MacGregor, Betty Burleigh on the 5th and Sandra Lawler on the 15th.

Betty also broke her handicap form 33.5 down to 32.6 and Sue DeVries 32.2 down to 31.1.

Next week is picnic day with a secret destination, I’m sure everyone will have a great day!!

Thursday, 7th November

Seniors – stroke and monthly medal

Ladies Winner: O. Balfour 32
Down the Line: L. Powell 33, Melva Grant 33, Marg Grant 34, B. Lucas 36
Scratch Winner: D. Larsen 45
Nearest the Pin: A. McNair
Bradman Award: S. Balfour

Mens Winner: M. Taylor 30
Runner Up: B. Carpenter 31
Down the Line: J. Robinson 32, K. Bennett 33, J. Hanley 33, G. Pickburn 33, D. Williams 33
Scratch Winner: R. Balfour 40
Nearest the Pin: D. Baker
Bradman Award: R. Barsdell

Friday, 8th November


Winner:  L.Snowball 34Pts c/b

Down the Line:  C.Hardy 34,  I.Browne 33.
Birdies:  15th: P.Rosenboom

Saturday, 9th November

4bbb multiplication stableford

Winners: P.Heathcote & B.Fox 71 Pts

Runners Up:  S.Cordell & R.Dyke 70 Pts
Down the Line:  D.Bannister & R.Davie 69, G.Wicks & B.Tucker 66, B.Aplin & K.Street 66, B.McGrath & C.Hobson 65, T.Stewart & D.Perrin 62
Nearest the Pin:   2nd:  B.James  5th:  J.Robinson  11th:  T.Stewart  13th: B.Dwyer  15th:  C.Coulter

Sunday, 10th November

Open Mixed 4BBB Mixed Canadian

Scratch Winners:   T. & S. Traill 79
A Grade Winners: W.& B. Riley 70¼
B Grade Winners: B. & K. Ludlow 75¼

Down the Lines:  R. Borg & S. Rose 72⅞, T.Donnison & J.Clark 74⅛, G.Petkovic & C. Fox 74¼
Mens Nearest the Pins: 2nd:  J.Mumford   5th: T.Traill  11th: P.Trickett 13th: R.Balfour  15th: J.Rutherford
Ladies Nearest the Pins:  5thD.Moody  11th: D.Moody