General Information

From starters to social events, competition days to car parking, this page provides the general information that relates to our Club.

Club Competitions

Play will be in groups as determined by the Match and Play Committee.

Players not in a competition event must give way to all other players. Local Rules, additional to those on the score card, will be placed on the notice board.

The Trafalgar Golf Club acknowledges with thanks the donors of trophies.


Regular competition events are arranged as follows:

Saturdays: Member Events
Sundays: Member or Mixed Events
Tuesdays: Senior 9 Hole Event
Wednesdays: Ladies Events
Thursdays: Seniors 9 Hole Event. Twilight 9 Hole Event during daylight saving season
Fridays: Open 18 Hole Stableford Event


Member subscriptions are due on 1 July and payable by 31 July each year. Regular direct debit payment systems are accepted.

Only financial Members may compete in Club events.

Car Parking

In consideration of others, Members are requested to strictly observe the parking etiquette. Cars should be carefully parked within the marked lines so as to accommodate the greatest possible number of cars. The areas reserved for the Committee and Management must not be used by others at any time.


Members are requested to take pride in their Club with regard to dress and general conduct and to observe the by-laws of the Club. Members must observe the dress codes, posted by the Committee, at all times.

Club House

Members must observe proper dress and orderly conduct within the Club House according to the rules directed by the Committee at all times.


Two Starters are appointed for each Saturday. If you are unavailable on the nominated day please arrange a swap or contact the Captain so alternative arrangements can be made.


  • The Club is not responsible for the loss or damage to property of any Member in or about the premises.
  • Valuables should be locked up or handed in for safe keeping.
  • No canvassing for donations, raffles, etc is allowed in or about the Club premises unless permission is obtained from the Committee.
  • Buggies and clubs must not be taken into locker rooms at any time.
  • Play without delay in consideration to others on the course, at all times.


All complaints shall be made to the President or Captain of the Club in writing, who, if unable to satisfy them, shall submit them to the General Committee for attention. No employee of the Club shall be directly reprimanded by an individual Member.

Trading Hours

For trading hours, please contact the Club on 5633 1110.

BBQ Facilities

These are readily available to Members and Trade Groups with the stipulation that they be left clean and tidy after use.

Introducing Visitors

Any Member may bring a visitor or visitors to the Club House and course. Such guests are entitled to the privileges that Members enjoy provided the following Club Rules are observed:

  • The same visitors shall be limited to five introductions in one year.
  • Visitors are required to write names and addresses in the ‘Visitor’s Book’ and it is the Member’s duty to verify such names with his/her signature.
  • Members introducing visitors shall be responsible for ensuring that any payment of fees, such as Green Fees, are paid.

Social Events

Numerous social events are held throughout the year. Feel free to bring your friends to these functions.