Competition Rules & Etiquette

This page provides an overview of the competitions offered at Trafalgar along with how these events and ties are decided. It also details our Local Rules that all players must adhere to.

Golf Competitions

Canadian foursomes

Both players tee off from their teeing ground then the ball considered to be in the best position is played with the partners alternating strokes. In the event of a penalty stroke being taken, alternating of strokes still applies.

american (yankee, Pinehurst) foursomes

Both players tee off from their teeing ground then the partners play one stroke from the other’s drive. The ball considered in the best position is then played alternately until the ball is holed.

four ball best ball

Players can be a member of one team only. Partners both hole their ball and the best score is recorded on the score card. The card must indicate which player registered the score on each hole.

four ball best ball match play

(Second ball counting) Player in group with the lowest handicap reverts to scratch handicap and the other players adjust their handicaps respectively, eg, Player A is 9 handicap, Player B is 20, Player C 22 and Player D 24 handicap. Player A becomes 0, Player B becomes 11 and so on. Players then adjust scoring to the Match Play Index. If the best two balls in each team tie on a hole, then the second ball decides the hole. In the event that the second players also tie, then the hole is halved.


Player A hits off on odd numbered tees and partner hits off on even numbered tees. Each hole is completed by alternative strokes. Penalties do not affect the order of play.


A team stroke event usually played by a team of four but can be any number. Each player tees off on each hole, the Captain of the team then selects the best drive and the other members of the team retrieve their balls and in turn drop within one club length of the selected ball to play their second shots. This procedure of selecting the best position continues until the ball is holed. When on the Green the ball is placed on the selected spot. The Club may have additional rules for particular events.

How Events & Ties are to be Decided

monthly medal

As from March 2012 ties will be decided by a countback. Ladies Monthly Medal ties are decided by countback.

Club championships

Ties will be decided by an 18 hole playoff on the Saturday following the final round.

scratch events in tournament, mixed and mens foursomes championships, plate and open mixed

Ties will be decided on the day by a playoff over 2 holes, 1 & 18, then sudden death over holes 1 & 18 until decided.

all other events

Countback as per following schedule:

Mens and Ladies Countback: Holes 10 to 18, last 6, last 3, hole by hole from the 18th.
9 Hole Countback: Last 6 holes, last 3, hole by hole from the 9th.

Local Rules & Etiquette

It is your responsibility to know the Rules of Golf. In addition to this, there are local rules that apply to each club. Please keep in mind the following rules and etiquette while playing at Trafalgar.


In Open Mixed events the maximum handicaps for Men will be 36 and Ladies 45. Players are responsible for ascertaining their current handicap before starting play.

before starting play

Players MUST enter and pay before starting play in competition events. Penalty – disqualification.

This rule will be strictly enforced. Any card wrongly marked or not signed will be disqualified. Score cards MUST be handed in before 5.45pm.

The Committee will appreciate any suggestions in writing from Members for the furtherance of competitors or in the interest of the Club.

returning cards

Members are advised that they are expected to return their cards after every competition game. Failure to do so will be reported to the Handicapper.

starting time

Assist the Starters by being in attendance 5 minutes before hit off time where starting times apply.

Players NOT on the tee at starting times will play as directed by the Starter. The lowest handicapped player in a group is responsible for the play of his fellow players.

course curators

Please extend right of way to Curators working on the course.

calling through

If you have lost a ball or for any other reason are unable to maintain your place in the field, never hesitate to call the following players through. This is their right and should always be voluntarily and cheerfully given. If this right, when due, is not given, after a reasonable opportunity has been given for doing so, it should be demanded in the traditional way by calling “Fore” and then awaiting signal.

It is a traditional rule that following players are called through if they are moving faster and should always be called through if the preceding players are a fairway length ahead.

local rules

  1. Trees and shrubs
    a)   If a staked tree or staked shrub interferes with a player’s stance or intended swing, the ball shall be deemed to be interfered with by Ground Under Repair (GUR) and the player MUST take relief as provided in Rule 25-1b (1)
    b)   Stakes and guards surrounding trees are immovable obstructions Rule 25-1
  2. Through the Green. Wheel marks of any vehicle or mower may be treated as GUR Rule 25-1
  3. Paths. Relief may be taken from all paths
  4. Watering equipment. Immovable obstruction. Relief may be taken under Rule 24-2b