The big Kahuna Final has been run and won by a final putt on the thrilling 18th Hole.

The Final was played in ideal sunny but at times overcast conditions with the course playing well for the competitors.

Once the players had been given their instructions from the referees for the day it was down to business, so with a few late scratching due to work and other commitments we commenced on the first tee with 15 players with the final field of;

Peter Griffin, Brian Fox , Ian Miles, Duart Perrin, Pete Burghardt, Diesel Bannister, Rodney Boon, Mark Scammell, Glenn A Doolan, Sir Les Ellis, Wokka Griggs, Gary Lodge, Mighty Max Roberts, Di Larsen, Ricky Dyt .

The first hole is generally chaos with that number of balls on the green putting becomes a real task. But we had 15 through to the 2nd hole as this was a non – elimination hole( warm up).

Ian-Miles-putts-at-the-2nd-holeThe 2nd hole was the first NTP and elimination hole Milo knocking it on the green and other honour went to DIESEL BANNISTER after a chip off which saw Di Larsen hit one of the shots of the day to escape elimination.


The 3rd hole was down to a chip off between Glen Doolan and Pete Burghardt and when Glen had duffed his chip no one expected that Pete would follow suit and be eliminated.




Wokka-chips-to-the-thrd-holeThe 4th hole saw Wokka take out Longest Drive by smashing one so far down that not even Mighty Max Roberts could catch it! Once to the green Marcus Scammell missed an absolute kick in putt to be next to leave.

The 5th hole was a NTP and non – elimination hole with Milo knocking the pin down again by putting one in close.

The 6th hole had Glenno Doolan in trouble. He had escaped elimination on 4, but not this time and he was gone.

The 7th hole was a real surprise with one of the early favourites Milo heading out the gate with a three putt.

No 8th we couldn’t be stuffed walking up that hill so onto the 9th hole which saw another favourite bite the dust in President Brian sent packing.

Half Time was met with well earned refreshments and a BBQ cooked to perfection by KEITH OWEN & DIESEL BANNISTER which was enjoyed by all, then it was off to the 10th hole for the business end.

If you get to the back 9 you win a prize!!!

The 10th hole took a while for all to reach the green but once there, the action saw Pete Griffin bite the dust after a lucky escape a few holes earlier.

The 11th hole NTP saw NO ONE hit the green and therefore became an all in chip off with Puss Lodge eliminated after he had everyone thinking he was the man to beat earlier with some impressive shot making.

The 12th hole was the Longest Drive on the back nine with the old campaigner Rodney Boon taking that honour with Sir Les Ellis being given his marching orders after some different bunker play getting in and out.

At the 13th hole, again we saw NO ONE hit the green and what was next was a real shock to all when out of nowhere the most steady player so far Di Larsen was met with the exit door after a chip off to decide the hole.

The 14th hole saw every one’s favourite Englishmen, Duart bow out after his not so glamorous sideways shotmaking.

The 15th hole saw a triple NTP jackpot with Boony again surprising to take the chocolates and being a final non elimination hole.

The 16th hole saw the final four players tee it up with Mighty Max Roberts, Wokka Griggs (who was on his 12th can of Southern & Coke), the rock solid Rodney Boon and the finalist and form player from 2016 Big Kahuna Ricky J Dyt.

After playing some absolute crap golf for his worst hole of the day – Rodney Boon exitedRod Boon First green.

There was a fair bit of tension on the tee at the 17th hole with the three remaining players knowing that only two would go forward to the final hole with Mighty Max smashing a great drive with his how many years of experience

showing and Wokka on his next can hitting it down there it was Ricky J Dyt who floundered by pull hooking into the trees on the left hand side never to be seen again and then forced to play three from the tee he played an heroic effort

to have a putt to force a chip off but missed and was eliminated.

So onto the final & 18th hole with the last two of Mighty Max & Wokka with both players hitting great drives off the tee it was Max to play first and he smashed his 2nd shot onto the green which was shot of the day.

Max-Roberts-approaches-the-9th-holeWokka who had hit a massive drive and had a medium iron to the green missed to the right leaving the door ajar for the old stager, Wokka played a great chip shot to 6 feet, Max’s first putt came up short with both sitting 3 it was open

to both as they both didn’t have gimmies and the chip off was in play, Wokka was first and just missed for a 5 but steady as a rock MIGHTY MAX ROBERTS at the tender age of 83 knock his 5 footer in for par and became the BIG KAHUNA 2017.
CONGRATULATIONS TO MAX what a great effort of resistance as he had survived a couple of chip offs and hairy moments to collect first prize of the TITLEIST GOLF BAG.



Other prizes

2ND Wokka – GPS

3rd Ricky – GPS

4th Boony – shirt

5th Duart – shirt

6th Di – Jacket

7th Les – shirt

8th – Puss – head cover

9th – Griffo – headcover