The Trafalgar Committee of Management and Ladies Committee provide the necessary direction and administration required to keep our Club functioning at the highest level.

Various Committee Members can be contacted on the phone numbers listed below. Alternatively, you can contact the Club via email.

Committee of Management, 2018-19

President:  Stewart Cluning – 0428535985

Vice President: Luke Bryant – 0408567087

Past President: Brian Fox – 0409977156

Captain:  Peter Moss – 0432572521

Vice Captain: Roy Whatmough – 0419944653

Secretary:  Ron Keith – 0447393580

Treasurer: Paul Fogarty – 0409275703

Handicapper: Mr Gavin Patchett – 5633 2004

General Committee Members:

Robert Davie,   Steve Gould,   Bev Keily,  Jenny Evison,

Russell Cook,    Anne Outhred,  Nick Clarke,  Anthony Moscato

Ladies Office Bearers:

President:  Cheryl Deppeler – 5634 2215

Captain: Match Committee

Secretary: Pat Harris .

Handicaper: Karen Macgregor – 5633 1007

Seniors Office Bearers

President: Bill Taylor
Captain: Harold McNair
Secretary: Helen Keith
Treasurer: Marilyn Kerr